Where to find the cheapest mortgage

Where to find the cheapest mortgage. Do you want to circulate banks and get the cheapest mortgage? Use the services of internet mortgage comparators, where you can see the current conditions of individual providers. What to watch out for realtors.

Advertising tricks work not only for the purchase of consumer goods, but we can often encounter them when buying a property. Before you decide to buy a property or just rent it, it is worth knowing what the broker offers you.

How to proceed with the mortgage

How to proceed with the mortgage

Do you no longer want to live in a sublease or with your parents? The solution is a mortgage. Here is some information on how to proceed with the mortgage. Which steps need to be taken so that the mortgage settlement is not delayed.

Financial Advisor – Yes or No?

Understanding all financial products and choosing the right one for your particular needs can be difficult. If you are not oriented in this area and do not have time to compare individual products, you can use the advice of a financial advisor

Web mortgage


Take advantage of the easy and fast way to arrange a mortgage directly from your computer from home or office. Online mortgage online saves you money and time. All you have to do is fill in the online application form.

A mortgage (or mortgage loan) is a loan provided by banks or non-banking companies and is earmarked for the acquisition or reconstruction of a residential property. Mortgage can also finance the purchase of land intended for the construction of a house. An essential feature is the establishment of a lien on real estate.

This lien is used to secure the loan. If long-term problems arise with the repayment of the mortgage, the lender is entitled to sell the property and to satisfy his receivable from the funds received.

Mortgages of up to 85% or 100% percent?

The mortgage can be drawn up to a certain percentage of the market (not the purchase) price of the property. The market price is determined by the appraiser. We usually meet with mortgages up to 85% of the real estate market price. Previously, the mortgage was not 100%. Here, the less percent mortgage we choose, the lower the interest rate.

American mortgage

An American mortgage is a specific form of mortgage, where money does not have to be used to buy real estate, but can be used without purpose. The interest rate is then somewhat higher than a regular mortgage.


The fixing means “freezing” conditions for a specified period of time. Fixation can be 1 year, 5 years, or even 20 years. The longer the higher the interest rate. After the expiry of the fixation period, the mortgage may be paid in whole or in part. Subsequently, a new interest rate is set, according to the current market conditions.